To develop solutions that bring desired changes and results so individuals maximize their God-given potential and successfully impact others in organizations and in communities.


To achieve results that glorify God while maximizing potential and success through our products and services.


Business Success was founded in the early 1990s by Colleen and Herb, bringing together diverse expertise and experiences to better serve our clients and to get the best results possible. We have provided services to business owners, healthcare practitioners, and professionals in healthcare institutions, higher education facilities, government agencies, social service agencies, churches, and other community organizations.


We Create Winning Results…

To get desired results, we listen, ask questions, and work with you to create solutions that fit your organization’s needs. Where there are challenges within the business, with procedures or where people may not be working at their full potential, we can work with you to find solutions and to create winning results. Ultimately, we strive to maximize individual and corporate potential, and increase profits and success.


We Create Positive Social Change…

Being change agents, we positively impact lives, organizations and communities by utilizing a portion of our time, energy, and business profits for outreach efforts and for creating solutions to issues that limit individuals and families in life, so that communities are strengthened.